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Upper Extremity Injuries

The Upper Extremities

The upper extremity consists of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. Problems in these areas can be the result of injury, disease or repetitive motion and are increasingly common. The hand, and entire upper extremity, is critically dependent upon precise anatomical relationships where even a seemingly simple problem can upset the delicate balance necessary for normal, pain-free function. Without appropriate treatment for hand and upper extremity injuries, even a mild disorder of the upper-extremity can significantly impair quality of life.

All Health Chiropractic physicians will determine the extent of upper extremity injuries by palpating the area, assessing range of motion, performing x-rays, scans, and employing other diagnostic tests. After a diagnosis is made, treatment can include physical rehabilitation, cold compression therapy, medical services, chiropractic services or a combination of these. Returning to normal activity as quickly as possible is always a goal for All Health Chiropractic physicians and therapists especially in the case of upper extremity injury.

Reoccurring Acute Injuries

Occupational injuries can occur when an individual does a repetitive motion with their upper extremities. This can happen in environments such as certain sports, professional offices, food preparation, manufacturing, or factory assembly lines, just to name a few.

Additional factors such as pinched nerves, fatigued muscles and tendons can lead to reoccurring acute injuries that can be quite painful. Some of the common symptoms that occur with this type of injury include numbness and tingling in the hands, pain radiating from the wrist, or a feeling of weakness in the hands. If these types of symptoms are not effectively treated they can worsen and contribute to further muscle and tissue damage.

Hand and Upper Extremity Care

All Health Chiropractic physicians and therapists provide sophisticated care for the full spectrum of upper extremity and hand injuries along with including but not limited to: • Fractures (from the shoulder to the fingers) • Joint Dislocations • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome • Infections • Nerve Injuries • Sprains • Tendinitis • Vascular Disorders • Osteoarthritis • Arthritis